SCHOOL CHOICE: Is your school making the grade?

National School Choice Week

The Department of Arizona has released the School letter grades A-F for 2019/2020 school year.  Selecting the best program for your children is the most important decision you will make in 2020.  Click Here to see if your child’s school made the grade. It is very important to understand many factors determine how a school receives their letter grades.  Let’s examine how schools are making the grades:

Great schools (A/B) have most students who are highly proficient/proficient in the core subjects (English, Math, and Science), have more students enrolled in accelerated (honors/AP) and College and Career readiness courses, higher graduation rates, licensed teachers, smaller class size, and earn extra bonus points for the most academic growth compared to the previous year.   

Schools making the “C” grade have most students who are proficient/partially proficient in the core subjects, less students enrolled in accelerated/readiness courses, less English language learners proficient and growth points, some emergency teachers, lower graduation rates, and earned less academic points for growth compared to the previous year.

Failing schools making the D/F grades have students who are partially/minimally proficient in the core subjects, less students enrolled in accelerated courses, earned less EL proficiency and growth points, higher dropout rates, larger class size, emergency teachers, little or no growth compared to the previous year.

Below is a list of eligibility requirements from the Arizona Department of Education to apply for the Empowerment Scholarship Account ESA. You must meet at least one requirement:

  • Student with Disability Preschool
  • Student with Disability K-12
  • Student with a Parent who is Active Duty Military stationed in Arizona
  • Student with a Parent who was Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Student with a Parent who is Legally Blind, Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Student Attends a D or F Rated School
  • Student Resides within a Native American Reservation
  • Student is a Sibling of a Current or Previous Recipient
  • Student was a Ward of Court
  • Student was a Previous ESA Recipient

You can use the ESA scholarships for:

  • Tuition and fees at a private school 
  • An online learning program 
  • Educational therapies or services 
  • Tutoring services 
  • Curriculum 
  • Testing fees 
  • Contributions to a Coverdell Education Savings Account 
  • Tuition and fees at an eligible postsecondary institution 
  • Bank fees charged for the management of an ESA

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