Parent Guide: Close The Door On The Coronavirus

Schools worldwide are closing their doors to the Coronavirus. Students are uneasy about what it means for their future, especially graduating Seniors. Many schools have temporarily turned to e-learning as a home option. One sector of the educational market not affected by school closures are online schools. Almentia Academy has the online learning and e-commerce platforms to help you navigate course selections. We can accommodate K-12 students in all subject areas. You can enroll in up to 6 courses or select a single subject. Be proactive, not reactive browse our courses and enroll today! Please contact us at 480-577-2831 for discounts offered to schools or Districts where schools have been closed and are in need of an e-learning platform for their students.

You may not agree with closing the door on large events, schools, banning audiences at sporting events, political rallies, and people from various countries. The purpose is to protect the healthy and help the sick. Unfortunately, this has led to violence, hoarding and mass hysteria on a global level. DON’T PANIC! Don’t spread rumors, non-truths, fake news etc. There is a plethora of reliable and factual information being disseminated in all media forms regarding the Coronavirus pandemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, the World Health Organization WHO, and various state health services including Arizona Department of Health Services. Please visit these sites for the latest updates. Also, periodically step away from the news and enjoy life with your family and friends.

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