The Right School Choice

We are committed to serving students in K-12. We continue to innovate our programs to meet the diverse needs of our students. We are leaders of teaching and “online learning.” If you are dissatisfied with your current school, we can help you. Our students attend school 4 days a week; meet with their Licensed Teacher weekly (1-1) to discuss assignments, ask/answer questions, reteach concepts, assign Special Lessons to provide additional practice, and constructive feedback.

The 1-1 School Enrichment Program is an additional service led by a Private Licensed Teacher to meet daily with the student, provide teaching and learning that supports and complements the curriculum, and includes over 200 sessions per year. This program is most popular among our SEN students who require additional services and instruction adapted to meet their IEP goals: Students who have fallen behind using the “remote learning” model that duplicates the standard brick and mortar 6 hour school day.

We strive to make tuition affordable for all. Join over 6,310 students who currently receive the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. Check your eligibility here. We also accept STO4Kidz and other state scholarships. Visit our school choice scholarship page.

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