Physical Education Elective

Almentia Academy awards 1 credit of PE/Health Elective for each year an enrolled student athlete is on the rooster of a club/travel team.  Students must participate in 2 or more practices per week to qualify.  Verification is required to earn PE credit.

We encourage all students to participate in sports activity to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, collaboration, improve problem solving skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with physical activity. If you are a prospective or enrolled student playing a club/travel sport that is not listed. Please contact us to add your sport to our list to receive credit. See the list of approved PE club/travel sports.

NOTE: Almentia Academy does not offer PE sports. Parents must incur the cost and seek out sport clubs relative to the interest of the child. The cost to register, tryout, purchase equipment, play, or travel expenses are not included in the yearly tuition.