PARENT GUIDE: 2019 ESA Window Has Closed!

Dear Parents,

We have been fielding hundreds of calls from families concerned about their child’s continuing education amid the Covid 19 school closures. Unfortunately, the deadline (February 1, 2020) to apply for the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account offering Free Tuition to attend Private (Online) Schools for the current 2019/2020 school year has closed.

During School Choice week in January 2020, Almentia Academy assisted over 50 families in applying for the ESA program before the February 1st deadline. Many families will not be affected by the school closures because they received or will receive award letters this month to attend Private (online) schools. Congratulations!

The purpose of the early application process was to allow families to become eligible to receive scholarship funds to attend Almentia Academy for Quarter 4 (April 1st – June 30th), and solidify their child’s place in the ESA progam for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year beginning in September 2020. We can not emphasize enough the importance of meeting all ESA requirements and deadlines.

The Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) awards free scholarship funds loaded on a credit card for families to attend Private (Online) Schools. If you meet one of the ten ESA eligibility types, you may attend Almentia Academy’s Private Online School.

  1. Pre-school student with disability (3 to 4 year olds)
  2. K-12 student with disability
  3. Student with a parent who is active duty military
  4. Student with a parent who was killed in the line of duty
  5. Student with a parent who is legally blind, deaf or hard of hearing
  6. Student attends a D or F rated school (must meet the 100 day rule)
  7. Student resides within a Native American reservation
  8. Student is a sibling of a current or previous recipient
  9. Student was a Ward of Court
  10. Student was a previous ESA recipient

Don’t delay, apply for the ESA Program as soon as possible. The deadline for the first quarter (July 1st – September 30th) of the 2020/2021 school year is May 1, 2020. Browse our courses and contact us at 480-577-2831 for an immediate discount for Quarter 4 only.

Thank you for visiting Almentia Academy