Youth Hockey Elective

Almentia Academy’s Private Online K-12 School specializes in providing an elite educational experience.  Our students are athletes, performers, and honor students who enjoy a flexible schedule, a 4-day school week, all year round school, and tutoring services.  The 2018 season was a great year for Youth Hockey.  Our student athletes traveled with their national and international teams, Arizona Bobcats AAA, Cisneros H.S. AAA, and Czech International Hockey Camp AA to compete against the best Youth Hockey players in the world.

Congratulations to the Arizona Bobcats who claimed the 2018 Thanksgiving Pee-Wee Championship title in Las Vegas.  They went undefeated to win the Gold Medal in the 2018 Las Vegas Jr Golden Knights 06 Tournament.  

The Arizona Bobcats competed against top 20 Tier l teams at the 2018 STX Shootout at the Notre Dame Winter Showcase. Bantam, midget, college coaches, and NHL assistant coaches were on hand to scout talented youth hockey players.

The U12 Arizona Bobcats received an invitation to compete in the Tournoi International De Hockey Pee-Wee De Quebec for 2019. We wish them success as they compete for the most coveted title in the world.

If you are interested in joining a youth hockey team in Arizona, please visit their websites to learn more about Arizona Ice Hockey Programs:

Arizona Bobcats

Jr. Coyotes

Ice Den Chandler CDP House

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