What Does Proposition 305 Really Mean?

Dear Arizona Residents,

What is Proposition 305?  It is a legislative initiative that allows parents to receive scholarship funds for their children to attend the school of their choice–including private schools.  As it now stands, only eligible students can attend Almentia Academy’s Private Online School using scholarship funds.  These students will remain eligible until they leave the program or graduate from High School.  Hence, these students are grandfathered in.  Contact Almentia Academy now at 480-577-2831 to verify your eligibility and school rating.  Time is of the essence. Don’t delay.

The Expansion of Proposition 305 has been placed on the November ballot to extend scholarship funds for all K-12 students to attend the school of their choice– even if it’s a private school. This expansion will require scholarship funds to be capped for new applicants.  If you are lucky enough to be accepted into the program and enrolled in Almentia Academy Private Online School before November 6th, your child will remain until graduation.

If the expansion of Proposition 305 is defeated, eligible students will continue to receive scholarship funds through Almentia Academy.  If the expansion of Proposition 305 is victorious, all K-12 students will be awarded scholarships at Almentia Academy until the State funding is maxed out.

Don’t wait!  Thousands of Arizona’s children currently qualify for school choice scholarship funds, including children with special needs, military families, children attending D or F rated public schools and children who have ever been in foster care.  

Please take the time to browse our courses and apply today!


Almentia Academy

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