Tutoring at Coffee Prices!

Dear Parents,

Skip the expensive coffee and Invest in your child’s future.  Tutoring can be quite costly. The average cost for tutoring services is $45 to $65 per hour up to $84 to $150 per hour depending on your location and student needs.  We have a popular Online Tutoring 24/7 Model that’s more affordable than a cup of Starbucks coffee ($4 x 5days = $20week x 4 = $80month x 12 = $960year) and it’s easy to use on mobile platforms.

Almentia Academy tutoring service starts at  $900 per single subject course for 12 months.  If you complete the course with 92% or a GPA of 3.33, you can select an additional course at no extra charge.  You can also enroll in the Private Online School and select 6 courses with 24/7 access for 12 months at  $3,600/year.  Invest in your child’s education now and reap the rewards of improved achievement scores, and a soaring self-confidence.

It is important to help students before they struggle by matching their needs to courses that can catapult their learning to new heights. We are confident we can meet your student needs. Our goal is to minimize the achievement gap between low and high performing students; to bridge the gap of minorities and women enrolled in STEM courses, and to work with the parent and student to ensure their success. We can help students catch up, make better progress in a particular subject, accelerate their learning, improve their grade point average, or SAT scores. Enroll today!

Thank your for visiting Almentia Academy

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