Tutoring at Coffee Prices!

Dear Parents,

Skip the expensive coffee and Invest in your child’s future.  Tutoring can be quite costly. The average cost for standard tutoring services is $45 to $65 per hour and $150 to $200 per hour depending on your location and student needs. 

Almentia Academy has 2 online tutoring models: self-paced online tutoring offering unlimited access, direct teaching one-to-one tutoring services with approximately 200 sessions. Invest in your child’s education now and reap the rewards of improved achievement scores, and a soaring self-confidence.

24/7 Tutoring Model is a popular online self paced service with unlimited access that’s more affordable than a cup of specialty coffee ($4 x 5days = $20week x 4 = $80month x 12 = $960year). It is also easy to use on mobile platforms.

AKG Tutoring model is a new Individualized Education Program created specifically to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. Our teachers work one-to-one with each student to help develop, accommodate, and modify education goals, and support online learning. Because our teachers present live one-to-one lessons, any K-12 student can benefit from AKG tutors.

It is important to help students before they struggle or become bored by matching their needs to courses that can catapult their learning to new heights. We are confident we can meet your student needs. Our goal is to minimize the achievement gap between low and high performing students; to bridge the gap of minorities and women enrolled in STEM courses, and to work with the parent and student to ensure their success. We can help students catch up, make better progress in a particular subject, accelerate their learning, improve their grade point average, or SAT scores.

Students who attend brick-and-mortar schools use our online courses to supplement their in-person course schedules. Our Tutoring services allow students to take additional classes while still attending a physical school. Some of the reasons parents choose this path for their children is due to overcrowding, out of convenience, rigorous courses, and individual preferences. Our students benefit from this approach and often take 1-2 courses per year in addition to their regular classes. The educational benefits are unrivaled. Students are attracted to the flexibility and access to otherwise unavailable courses. Popular courses include AP, honors, CTE, and courses of interest that aren’t available in their schools. Don’t delay! Enroll today!

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