Are You in Need of Tutoring Services?

 Private Tutoring Available

Is your child meeting grade level standards.  Did your child’s  standardize achievement levels increase this year? Does your child need remediation or challenge?  Is your high- schooler trying to ace or improve their College Board exams?

Almentia Academy is here to help students who are falling behind in core subjects or has a learning disability. Tutoring is now being used far more to guide students through particularly tough courses. Tutoring ensures their grades are equal to or above their peers’ and to improve their standardized scores in the core subjects.  For the student, the end goal is to become a High School Graduate or present a polished college application.

We are here to serve your educational needs.  Almentia Academy is a nationally and internationally acclaimed Private Online School. We are available all year-round for tutoring services in PreK-12.  Our online services have allowed us to serve students in the U.S.A, and internationally.  Consider Almentia Academy for your students’ academic support needs. Contact us today at 480-577-2831 for more information and  Enroll now.

Thank you for visiting Almentia Academy

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